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dream it. make it.

Thank you so very much for all your work on this. We are really happy with our product.

-Rich Bindell
Alexandria Renew

Having been in business for almost ten years now, I have visited with many professionals and marketing specialists. From the “I’m still in my moms basement” to “We’ve done work for Cocoa Cola”. I have a very unique business and instead of a smile and a handshake with a “let us know when you get to our level..” DrakeWise chose to be solution oriented. They wanted me as a customer and created ways to make it fit for us both! I’ve never been treated with as much respect and professionalism before. I love the quality of their products and will be working with DrakeWise for a long time!

-Janelle Maurin
Spinning Tree Healing

I contacted him [Thomas Bloom of DrakeWise] for an urgent task that needs to be done. He was actually able to do what has to be done in less than 24 hours! He just really squeezed me into his schedule. He followed all instructions and got the job done right and fast. Thank you so much!

-Egg C.

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