Please notify us immediately if an editing schedule should change. We are obligated to charge a fee for short-notice cancellations to compensate for lost bookings.

Same Day Notice: 2 hours at full hourly rate.

Within 24 hours’ notice: 1 hour at full hourly rate.


Please notify us in writing within seven (7) days of receipt of the final Service delivery of any faults or playback issues.  We will make every reasonable attempt to resolve them.  After seven (7) days any issues addressed or re-edits may require additional fees.


All editing decisions are subject to our discretion.  We will do our best to include edits/footage/audio/music etc. selected by the client and will advise if there are any issues with the selection or choice. In the absence of any advice, guidance, decision, or choice from the client with regard to filming and/or editing, we retain the rights to make decisions on behalf of the client.


We aim to deliver a final product of services within 90 days of a final shoot.  However, this is not a guarantee.


Any number of re-edits are not guaranteed unless explicitly addressed in writing and are subject to additional fees.