Orders Subject to Approval


A Request for Service via our Online Ordering System is not automatically approved, and IS NOT A GUARANTEE of price or availability. All Requests for Service (i.e., online orders) must be manually reviewed, and may only be accepted by our personnel. Once a Request for Service has been approved, we will issue an invoice accordingly, and accept your order ONLY upon 50% of the full quoted amount.


Refusing Online Orders. 


We reserve the right to deny any "Request for Service" made through our Online Ordering System for any reason. Due to market conditions, namely supply and demand constraints on the availability of our service, we may wait list your order according to our official wait list policy.


Automatic Price Estimations. 


DrakeWise Technologies Inc. and DrakeWise Productions, LLC provide pricing estimates online for the convenience of their customers. However, due to the nature of computers and complexity of video production, automated pricing estimates provided by our website may not reflect the appropriate or relevant pricing for your specific project. Therefore, you acknowledge, that based on technical limitations of our website, that pricing listed on our website is, at best, an approximation — and that ONLINE PRICING SHOULD BE NOT BE CONSIDERED A QUOTE, AN ESTIMATE, OR A GUARANTEE.


Pricing Errors. Computing Errors. 


While DrakeWise Technologies Inc. and DrakeWise Productions, LLC strive to offer accurate online pricing, you acknowledge that both computer and human errors occur in the automatic computation, and static display, of online pricing. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY REQUESTS DUE TO PRICING ERRORS. Only a real person, representing DrakeWise Technologies Inc. or DrakeWise Production, LLC, can offer binding quotes and estimates.


Geographic Limitations. 


DrakeWise Technologies Inc. and DrakeWise Productions, LLC are Delaware, Virginia, and Colorado based video production companies. Generally, we accept orders anywhere in the United States and abroad. However, we reserve the right to reject any order for a geographic area that would be too cumbersome, difficult, unsafe or unprofitable to serve.