Not included here are all transportation, customary tipping, hotel or car rental costs.  These will be billed and invoiced on a case by case basis.




Mileage will be billed at 55.5 cents per mile (or current IRS mileage rate) per crew member for vehicle travel beyond Mesa County, CO; Fairfax County, VA; Sussex County, DE.  Applicable counties are dependent on the crew member(s) and their associated studio location(s).




Travel days within the continental US are billed at 50% of Basic Rates for both crew and equipment. Days qualifying as travel days must be either the first and/or last day of a shoot, and may not begin earlier than 3 p.m. on the day before the first production day. Travel time per day may not exceed 5 hours driving, or 10 hours flying. Travel time in excess of 5 hours driving or 10 hours flying will be billed at 100% Basic Rates for crew and equipment.  Travel days between production days on extended shoots, travel days beginning earlier than 3 p.m. on the day before the first production day are billed at full day rate. Travel time on the same day as production, either before or after working production hours, are counted as regular work hours; regular crew overtime rates will apply for hours after 10.